Steampunk Concert 22.02.2012 Eindhoven – Impressions and Loot

It may be hard to believe, but yesterday marked the first time I attended a proper pure-strain Steampunk concert. Until then I had to be content with listening to downloads and hear the tales others told me. Luckily, I was able to make up for the long wait by attending the best concert I have ever been to and I am forever grateful to the Phantasium crew for making it happen.
I am also very thankful, Bob Eisenstein made me aware of the concert, otherwise I guess I would have missed it. The journey started, rather annoyingly, with a delayed train which meant I missed the connecting train and had to wait for a hour for the next train to arrive. After that, everything went smoothly, though, and I still made it in time.

First, I had the chance to finally meet up with a number of people I had thus far only known online. Notably two of my partners-in-crime from the Gatehouse Gazette and the wonderful people of Victor Sierra. I even got to enjoy a drink with them. My proudest Steampunk moment to date!

Before I say more about the concert, Violet Steam Experience, Abney Park and Victor Sierra, this is some of the loot I brought home from Eindhoven:

VIP Goody Bag Content, Eindhoven Steampunk Concert

This is not all, and all in all it was the BEST. GOODIE BAG. EVER. PERIOD. I am especially pleased about the little pocket watch, I collect pocket watches, and I can wear this one around my neck when I wear non-pocket-watch-compatible clothing.

Now for the concert:

Violet Steam Experience (Germany) were the opening act, they are a brand new project by Cinnamon Star (Bianca Stücker) a star of the German Tribal Belly Dance scene.

Violet Steam Experience have a very unique style and stage show, mixing tribal belly dance elements with very danceable music, and a touch of burlesque is in there, too. I have to get my hands on their first album and give it a full review.

Next was the headline of the evening, Abney Park (Seattle, USA), who played a very long list of songs, and I mean VERY long. I did not take the time but I was under the impression their part lasted well over two hours. They opened their gig with The End of Days and went through all their albums. Among the other pieces they played were Victorian Vigilante, Wrong Side (actually the song which brought them to my attention and caused my descent into Steampunk), Airship Pirates, and a host of others. Wonderful! If the couches had not been so comfy, and the munchies next to the couches so delicious, I guess I would have danced more…

After a break during which the assembled Steampunks could zerg-rush Abney Park and take photos, collect autographs etc. Victor Sierra (Paris, France) entered the stage.

And this is the part that really enrages me no end. After Abney Park almost everybody left. There were only about a dozen people left to enjoy Victor Sierra, and I mean enjoy. Although far less popular than Abney Park, they offer a far wider range in their musical spectrum, sing in three languages (actually four, but Yiddish was not in yesterday’s play list). Even though they had the hardest gig, playing an almost empty venue, they stood their ground and gave their best. Also: Kudos to Machine for taking the mike during one song! All in all, I think Victor Sierra were the best part of the evening.


And overall, this was the best concert I attended thus far. Again, I want to extend my thanks and greetings to everybody who was there and made it such a great time for us, especially the Phantasium Crew and the bands!

I actually shot three videos, but the mike on my smartphone was not up to the task I just found out… At least, I can provide you with a small gallery of photos:

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