Chestbursters and Zombies: A match made in some bizarre heaven?

There are some questions people do not like to ask. Others are too horrific to be even considered by sane minds. Well, since I am on the mad scientist side of life, or fancy myself to be there anyway, I guess that counts, I can consider the following:

Let us presume the following. There is a zombie apocalypse on earth. In the middle of it, an alien spacecraft crashes onto a continent, its crew slain by Xenomorphs. The xenomorphs spread out, the queen on board starts laying eggs. A hapless group of zombie apocalypse survivors stumbles upon the queen’s lair, or gets dragged there by some Xenomorphs, and they have facehuggers attached to them. A few days later, the chestbusters burst out, killing the survivors.

Now it gets interesting: Due to the effects of the zombie apocalypse, the chestburster victims do not simply die but turn into zombies. Would those zombies regard the chestbursters as offspring or pets and could they form loving and caring relationships. I.e. the zombies take care of the very young chestbursters which in turn protect their zombies once they have become fully grown Xenomorphs.

Could Xenomorphs and zombies be the mutual key to the survival of both species? Just asking…

Alien Chestburster by dreamworking

(c) Dreamworking (click image to go to original)