Interview with Ravina Rapture

As you may remember, I recently posted an article featuring Alima Qaniss – Scientist and Pilot for Hire, portrayed by Ravina Rapture. Ravina has since been featured in the latest edition of El Investigador:

Ravina Rapture featured in El Investigardor, 2nd Anniversary Edition

… and she has agreed to give me an interview, which I now present to you. You will be surprised…

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a published, soon to be agency represented, petite model from London. My main interests are in modelling alternative fashion for various latex designers, corset makers, and Steampunk/gothic jewellery companies.

When did you start modelling?

I had my first taste of modelling aged 18, subsequent to doing a handful of shoots, I decided to take a hiatus and fully focus on my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. I decided to return on a part-time basis in September 2012 once I had completed my Master of Science degree.

What artists/photographers have you collaborated with?

Since returning to modelling in September 2012, I have collaborated with 17 designers and 14 photographers/artists including Rose Conway, Chris Sinn, Miss Rain Photography and Maja Stina.

I take most of my bookings on weekends as I have a full time career, so often I find myself working 7 days a week. It can get exhausting but I get to meet so many great people through modelling that I just want to keep going!

Is there a story behind “Ravina Rapture”, a particular reason you chose that name for your modelling?

Ravina means “she who possesses the beauty of the sun” in Punjabi. Of course I don’t really think that of myself! However, I do think it is a poetic and memorable name.

When did you discover the alternative side of modelling was your thing?

Alternative modelling is very much an extension of my personal lifestyle, so I guess it has been present since I began to express myself as a young woman. Many of the clothes I am styled in for photoshoots are things I would wear to a metal concert or festival. To my eye, they are “normal” clothes.

The purpose of the term alternative fashion is simply to differentiate from mainstream fashion, it in no way is supposed to undermine mainstream fashion.

How did you first hear of Steampunk?

I first became aware of the Steampunk genre when I discovered the very talented Kato. I’m sure your readers are well aware of her work, she simply blew my mind with her creativity and I became very interested in all things Steampunk.

What is your connection to Vontoon Steampunk?

The co-founders of Vontoon Steampunk and I have become very good friends over the past few months. My initial connection stemmed from a purchase I made from their Etsy store. I used one of their products in a photoshoot and they were so happy with the results that we have been collaborating ever since. I think their leatherwear is incredibly high quality and you receive such a bespoke service.

Steampunk India has featured your images, do you know Suna Dasi personally or did you thus far only meet via the web?

Suna is such an intelligent and wonderful woman. We have so much in common that I often forget I’ve never made her acquaintance in person!

I think she first saw my work on the Vontoon Steampunk website, and sent me a lovely message stating how happy she was to see an Indian Steampunk model. She was in the early stages of the Steampunk India project so she found it encouraging seeing someone share her vision.

Are you directly involved in the Steampunk India Project, or was it just the feature?

I am not directly involved in the Steampunk India project, but I do fully support what Suna is trying to achieve. There is a distinct lack of a Steampunk and alternative community in India, and those who choose to express their individuality are often unfortunately, marginalised.

Where can we find you, and your portfolio, on the web?

Contact details for publication – RavinaRapture(+)

Online portfolio –

Thank you for your time, it has been an honour and a pleasure!

Ravina 2

Photo Credits:
Model: Ravina Rapture
Holster: Vontoon Steampunk
MUA: Roseanna Velin
Digital artist: Sara Helwe
Photographer: Chris Sinn.

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