Featured Website: Steamgirl.com

After my podcast on erotic elements in Steampunk I received a message via Twitter inquiring whether I had taken a look at www.steamgirl.com, yet. Well, I had not but I went to check it out, and this is what I found.

Steamgirl.com is a dedicated Steampunk Erotica website, set up by the popular Steampunk fashion designer and pillar of the scene Kato. She is also modelling in the photo shoots along with assorted friends of hers. Steamgirl is still brand new, so you find relatively few galleries, but more are added constantly. As of me writing this article, these are the galleries you can find on the site:

Steamgirl Galleries

All images in this screenshot © Steamgirl

Concerning the content of the galleries: Beautiful! A great mix of classic pin-up, bourlesque and Steampunk. We also get to see a lot of skin, but Steamgirl is not about all-out nudity right from the start of every gallery. In fact, the ladies start every gallery in very fitting attire for the title of the respective gallery. Each gallery also has its unique mood, feel and atmosphere to it, adding a layer to the overall enjoyment of the visuals.

And then there are the videos. Right now there are only two up, but… The Dark Steam video is hands down the most erotic piece I have ever watched. I have to congratulate Kato and the cinematographer.

The way the videos are produced, with flickering, blurs and damage to the visual material, also gives you the impression you are watching a genuinely old film. Something you may have discovered in the attic of an old movie theater. In fact, the whole site gives you the impression of just having come upon a collection of vintage erotica from a past that never was.

To sum up: Steamgirl is a very classy erotica website. If you are into Steampunk and enjoy looking at stunning ladies lounging in erotic settings (and why shouldn’t you), you should definitely check it out. It truly is an erotic experience in a class of its own.