The Coppelia Project – Four Dancing Robot Ballerinas – SUPPORT IT!

The fusion of modern technology and art is something I think is found too rarely. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and art is something even rarer, so it is with great pleasure I present the Coppelia Project to you, yes, an ensemble of robot ballerinas will be created!

Why make robot ballerinas?

Well, lots of reasons, here are four:

  1. It’s spooky and beautiful. These robots look a bit like scaled-up clockwork ballerina music boxes, with an added “cyborg” factor. They are very strange, eerily-attractive devices that fall outside any regular category.
  2. It’s awesome tech’. Here are hand-made robots developed from scratch without any assistance from NASA or Honda. They use all custom circuit boards, firmware, communications bus, control software, lasercut aluminium skeleton and motorized joints and a unique and beautiful form based on a body-mould of a real live prima ballerina.
  3. Its art that’s just gotta be done. It’s an extension of a long-standing series of art projects with robotics that I have been running for several years, starting with “Floribots” (see below). Humanoid robots are the ultimate pinnacle of robot-making and here we can make a batch of them and see what they look like dancing!
  4. It’s important. I think that by dealing with robots at this level – artistically – we can better work out how we feel about them, what their limitations are, how robots fit into the human world. Other robot projects are military oriented or only deal with the “geek” aspect. Here we are a looking at the graceful, beautiful, other possibility of robotics.

But let’s listen to what Mr. Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, the mastermind behind the Coppelia Project has to say:

And here are some images of the prototypes:


Coppelia Doll Prototype

And this is the story of the Coppelia Project from the very beginning and Coppelia:

Fascinating! So please, lend your support to this wonderful fusion of technology and art! Do it here.

And if you want to learn more about the Coppelia Project, visist the oofficial website at