I am changing the format and mission of the Traveler's Steampunk Blog

The Traveler’s Steampunk Blog has been around a while now. It will be five years this summer. It has carved out its little place in the Steampunk scene and it enjoys a constant stream of visitors. Recently I noticed the most popular posts are the ones about erotica and Steampunk. As you can see a few posts down, my feature on Steamgirl.com has an insane number of likes and has brought me half my monthly visitors in one day. My podcast on erotic elements in Steampunk has also by far the most downloads.

I have thus decided to pull time and effort out of this blog and start a dedicated Steampunk erotica blog which has just been set up. The new blog will also give me an excellent opportunity to generate revenue, since the adult industry pays well for affiliates and links.

Alas, this means this blog will be updated maybe once a month or so, but I guess you all understand.

Neila Fynn NSFW

(c) Thinkpixels, Model: Neila Fynn


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