The Art of Vadim Voitekhovitch

It was already back in 2010 when I posted an image of a most splendid airship by Vadim Voitekhovitch to illustrate an article about Steampunk in Russia. This one:

War Zeppelin by Vadim Voitekhovitch

Back then, I did not know who the artist was, I have since been informed and updated the blog post.

Now it is high time to feature the artist, Vadim Voitekhovitch.
Mr. Voitekhovitch is a Belarus-born artist who has lived in Germany since 2004. He received his education and training at the Bobruisk Art College. Here is a presentation of his portfolio:

As you can see he creates visually stunning, powerful land-, city- and airscapes, full with detailed visions of a past that never was. He also shares an enthusiasm for Zeppelins and airships I can easily relate to.

Please visit his galleries at

Kunstnet and


and here’s another of his paintings to kindle your interest even more:

The Future Past by Vadim Voitekhovitch

The Future Past by Vadim Voitekhovitch