Steampunk Photoshoot with Mahafsoun

The fair lady Mahafsoun, regular readers of this blog will be familiar with her, has now officially crossed into Steampunk after carving out a significant place for herself in the Heavy Metal and Gothic scenes.

I think it was only a matter of time, since the scenes are connected anyway and Mahafsoun is doing a considerable amount of modelling (as you can see on her website and various social media platforms). Sooner or later, a Steampunk photoshoot had to be in the mix somewhere.

A sample of said photoshoot, Steampunk Eminence, I present to you now, the rest can be found on the websites of the people involved. Please enjoy and be as delighted as I am:





Credits for the Steampunk Eminence photoshoot:
Model/Makeup/Editor: Mahafsoun
Stylist/Headpiece Designer: Drafted Eminence
Photographer: Ben Samson

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