Lemmy Kilmister and a touch of Dieselpunk

In the picture below you see an unstoppable juggernaught, going strong after decades of service, long after others have broken down, and a Hetzer tank destroyer.
Lemmy just became even more awesome (how does he do it?).

Lemmy and Hetzer

For all those who do not know the guy in the picture is (and shame on you if you are one of them), go here and here to find out more): He is the frontman of one of the greatest and longest serving Heavy Metal bands of all time: Motörhead
The Panzer he is leaning on is a German Hetzer (Jagdpanzer 38(t)) as mentioned above. It is most likely a Hetzer since it is the most commonly found Nazi-Germany tank destroyer design today. Enough are in private hands to see them frequently at reenactments.
All in all, this is a pretty Dieselpunk combination. Now imagine this: Lemmy commanding a German Panzer Army at the Eastern Front during the Second World War. History would be very different. Most importantly it would mean no Nazis, I do not think they would have let anyone like Lemmy command a Panzer army. Go figure!

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