Steampunk Magic Book – The Fundraiser

Alex of the Steampunk Magic Book (see below) got back to me and informed me he now has a fundraiser running to get the book in print.
Concerning the fundraiser, I think it is most important to know that the art, all 48 pages of it, is already finished. The fundraiser is for the print run!

A few more details on the book:

Forty-eight color pages of steampunk art.
The book is the result of two years work.
The book is completely finished and laid out,
The format of the book is 20cm x 28cm, hardback cover with full color illustrations are developed with digital techniques.
not have any text, illustrations blood are approaching the edge of the page.

This is some sample art:

Verkami Steampunk Art

And the fundraiser can be found here.

Take a look and contribute, the incentives are not to be scoffed at!