Featured website, film and project: The Cosmonaut

Let me point your attention to this amazing project:

The Cosmonaut (http://thecosmonaut.org/)

The Cosmonaut - Theatrical Release Poster


The Cosmonaut is a crowd-funded project, four years in the making. What sets it apart: It is completely CC. Once you get your hands on the material, you can use it for your own purposes.

Here’s what the people behind it, Riot Cinema Collective, from Spain, have to say:

“THE COSMONAUT” begins in 1967 with the arrival of Stas & Andrei, two young friends, to the recently constructed Star City, where the first cosmonauts train to go to space, and where a race against the clock goes on against the Americans in a bid for sovereignty of space.
Stas and Andrei will live first-hand the political intrigues, the power struggles and the successes and failures of the majestic USSR in what has come to be some of the biggest achievements of the 20th Century. They will soon meet Yulia, a telecommunications engineer with whom they will establish a deep friendship, always teetering on the verge of love but without it ever happening.
“THE COSMONAUT” is the story of three characters surrounded by a historical event that lasted for over fifteen years: Successes, failures, accidents, conspiracies, favoritisms and secret missions. From Riot Cinema team, amongst the youngest in the Spanish film industry, we have been working for over three and a half years preparing the portrait of an era which has not yet been told about, filled with unique
locations and a highly detailed photography, production design and acting work.

Also, from what I understand (provided the scenes are not dream sequences) the Soviets make it to the moon first in The Cosmonaut. Grandiose! I am a huge fan and admirer of the, unfortunately cancelled, Soviet manned lunar program, so this is an additional incentive to watch the movie. The other two are obviously the genesis of the project and the wonderful Atompunk setting.

Once I have watched the movie, expect a review here very soon.

This is the trailer:

You will be able to watch the entire movie very soon.

So many great things out of Spain, and in these hard times!