Help fund Accurate Comics Online

I have been a comic collector for the past 18 years now, starting with Gen 13 and The X-Files and later collecting Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in its entirety.

So now it is with great pleasure I present the following fundraiser to you:

My friend Louis Shosty (of Space: 1889 and Beyond fame and others, I have posted several reviews here on the blog) is starting his own independent comic book company, Accurate Comics Online and needs our help. This is his message:


Accurate Comics Online offers a different take on comic book superheroes, one not stemming from the Pulp Era or World War II. But take a look yourselves.

This is a very early character concept (how early, well, visit the website):



Also, apart from funding a truly independent comic publisher you get your chance to make your on the worlds of Accurate Comics: A hero will be named after you. Check out the rewards!

So, everybody, stand together and help get Accurate Comics Online on its feet!


I’ve got it on very good authority, one of the first stories published will be connected to the Mythos!