Review: Victor Sierra – Yesterday's Tomorrow

So here it is, the Steampunk album I have waited for ever since I read it was in the works. After listening to and liking Electric Rain, their previous album, I was very excited to get an early copy of Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

Album Sleeve of Victor Sierra's "Yesterday's Tomorrow"

The album contains both singles available previously, such as Steampunk Symphony and the title track of the famed web series of the same name, Dirigible Days, but the majority is new material, and what material it is!

Victor Sierra display a versatility in styles and especially languages unmatched by any other Steampunk band and hardly approached by other bands in general. We find tracks in English (with Annouk’s charming French accent), French, Spanish, and once again Yiddish. The music is a powerful blend of EBM and rock with ethno elements for flavour. Every track is unique, nothing is even remotely off-the-shelf.

You also do not tire of this album after listening to it a couple of times.

Case in point:

I have listened to Yesterday’s Tomorrow for at least 10 hours now, I had it on repeat on my MP4 player at work, and even now I discover details that have previously eluded me. Victor Sierra have created an album you can listen to really deeply and can get lost in trying to take in all the details.

Better still: It is an album for every Steampunk party. It is equally suited for running in the background or blasting through the speakers with the crowd dancing to the tunes.

Bob, Annouk, and Big Machine have delivered the Steampunk album of the year, already a classic and something no Steampunk music collection should be without.

And before I forget it: Look at the artwork again! The sleeve tells a tale of three retro-futuristic free riders blasting off towards the horizon. I hope they will continue blasting for a very long time.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow gets the full 10 Zeppelins and the badge of honour!

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