From the Dawn of my Roleplaying Days

2013 is my 25th year as a role player. I started with D&D and various solo role-playing games. The very first solo adventure book I bought was Flight from the Dark by Joe Dever, the first book of the long-running Lone Wolf series.

I became and still am a massive Lone Wolf fan, I actually used “Vashna” as an early avatar name. The Drakkarim have also featured in several of my own AD&D campaigns, although in less evil capacity.

Over the course of several years I  tried to collect the entire original series but have thus far been unable, and I am aware that some of the ones I am missing are by now highly collectable and some of the ones I have are also highly collectable.

Long story short: The Mantikore Verlag in Germany is currently re-publishing the entire series and they had a stall at the RPC in Cologne this year. Their Guest of Honour was none other than Joe Dever himself. I have met Joe Dever! I also have a signed copy of Dawn of the Dragons, now! This has been the biggest fan boy moment of my life!

Joe Dever at the RPC 2013


There will also be a podcast regarding my adventure at the RPC and more pictures on the German part of this blog, stay tuned.