Steampunk Mead!

J&J Miracle Mead – The first Steampunk-themed mead brewery needs your help!

And as somebody who not only enjoys mead but prefers it when it comes to toasting the gods, it is an honour to support this project and start-up.


Here’s some details:


Many a mead that will make you happy!

What is the J&J Miracle Meadery?

It is more then just the equipment or even the ingredients. It’s about people  and a love of what they enjoy. It is about every person that ever picked up a comic book, or watched a western or enjoyed a good yarn be it fantasy noir or sci-fi. It’s about making people smile and making happy. Mead is a drink of legend and fantasy but real something you can experience and taste.

We already have a growing fan base up and down the east coast from bringing our samples to the Steampunk and SCI Fi/ Fantasy conventions.

We are one of the if not first themed meaderies. Our theme is a Steam Punk ascetic.

And this is what the masterminds have to say:

You can pledge your support right here.

Good Stuff!