Help Daily Steampunk win an award (and spread the word, please!)

Hello everybody.

A good friend of mine, Alex Jahnke of and me need your help to win an award. Last year, we wrote a book in German about the Steampunk subculture, Steampunk – Kurz & Geek (the one in the right menu, with “Shameless Plug” written over it).

This book has now been nominated for a major German fantasy award in the non-fiction section and voting is now open. The website is only available in German, but I would be glad if some of my readers who do not know German could help me out with a vote, too.

So I have created this little guideline:


First, please go to

Click on the link highlighted in the image below:

Link zur Hauptrunde Deutscher Phantastik Preis


You will then see this:

Email for voting process

this is simply a prompt to enter your email-address. DO NOT tick the box, just click UPDATE after entering your email-address.

You will see this (but without a code and the email-address is also not blacked out ;-)):


Check your inbox, also your spam-folder. The email you are looking for is titled

Deutscher Phantastik Preis 2013 – Hauptrunde

Open it. You will find a code in this format:

»»» 234a18be7eeeb208fde448ep05a08d13 «««

Just copy the string of numbers and letters and paste it into the field “Bestätigungscode” as shown in the image above, again, click UPDATE. This will take you to the nominees. Feel free to take any pick you want, you do not have to vote for every category, the one we are in is the second from the bottom Bestes Sekundärwerk.


Choose Alex Jahnke & Marcus Rauchfuß: Steampunk – kurz & geek (O’Reilly)  in the category Bestes Sekundärwerk, thank you.
Click UPDATE again, and you are done. You should see something like this:


“Vielen Dank für Ihre Teilnahme” means Thank you for your participation. And now, in Cthulhu’s name, help a fellow Steampunk out. Thank you all!