Dieselpunk Marshal Mannerheim

Out of Finland comes another jewel.

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland and Hero of the Winter War has been re-imagined by artist Sampo Marjomaa as a Dieselpunk hero:

Marshal 3000 - Dieselpunk Mannerheim

The full project can be admired here: Marshal 3000. It sets Mannerheim on a journey through time and space.

A Dieselpunk Marshal Mannerheim, is a really intriguing figure. Under his leadership, the Finnish Army gave the far mightier Soviet Red Army a very bloody nose:

Winter War - Statistics

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Now imagine what the outcome would have been, hat the Finns been able to field Diesempunk equipment. But that is just a thought. Now pay Marshal 3000 a visit, be inspired. The project is very minimalist and very effective in getting ideas into the viewers head.