More Steampunk out of Finland – FinnCon 2013 and more

My sincere thanks to Magdalena Hai for bringing this to my attention:
This weekend, FinnCon is going on in Helsinki, and what I could make out from the English Program, it is one of those conventions I could kick myself for not being able to make it ther. Check it out!

Also, there is a dedicated discussion on Steampunk. The Finnish word for it is Höyrypunkkia, what a wonderful term! Magdalena is chairwoman of this discussion.

So, if you can make it to Helsinki this weekend or just happen to be there, visit FinnCon 2013!


FinnCon 2013


And in related news: Magdalena has released her second part of the Gigi & Henry Series (it was talked about in my interview with her). It is called (another great word) Kellopelikuningas or in English “The Clockwork King”. This is the sleeve:

Cover - Kellopelikuningas (The Clockwork King)

So beautiful. Finland – Big country, few people, high concentration of greatness!