Doctor Who and Firefly in a Steampunk Webseries?

That at least is one of the features of a planned Steampunk webseries by the name of TINKERS.
The press release for TINKERS sounds intriguing and has quite a list of names attached to it:

TINKER production stills compilation

Prepare for a high-flying steampunk adventure in this all-new sci-fi/fantasy series about a pair
of talented inventors called, the TINKERS. Set in an alternate history in the late 19th century,
TINKER takes place in a smoggy, overpopulated San Francisco where the TINKERS ply their
trade to the wealthy and famous. When a wealthy and eccentric noblewoman from British
Hong Kong named, Lady Cushing, hires the father/daughter duo, they are instantly thrust into
a world of intrigue, lies, danger and excitement in which the balance of worldly power rests
unaware, alternately in both the calloused hands of Sho Tinker and the gloved hands of Lady
Featuring stylish steampunk wardrobe, props, sets, digital environments not limited to reality,
and an original score and soundtrack of steampunk inspired music
TINKER aims to expand
the boundaries of Steampunk science fiction by further transforming it from what many know
as just an aesthetic to evolving it into a multi-ethnic, culture- exploring, collection of stories
that does for Steampunk what Star Trek did for science fiction back in the sixties. This
includes: mature themes, exotic locations, sub-plots, drama and action, always making the
effort to keep true to the ‘punk’ in Steampunk by going outside currently established ‘rules’ of
the genre, and fusing the diverse talents of several industries into a new kind of steam-
powered animal. Even if you don’t actively follow the subculture of Steampunk, there is still
something here for you.
Confirmed notable talent involved: David R. Hardberger (VFX for: Lord of the Rings, Star
Wars, Blade Runner). McCune Design (Models, Miniatures, Specialty Props for: Cabin in the Woods, Iron Man 2, Serenity) Johnnie Saiko (Syfy Channel’s Monster Man), Julienne Davis (Eyes Wide Shut), and Katerina Leigh Waters (WWE).

So, if you feel like turning this project into reality, and why shouldn’t you, go here: TINKER on Kickstarter