The surreal Steampunk Art of Jarosław Jaśnikowski

The flow of outstanding people producing amazing Steampunk art apparently never ends. Today’s featured artist is the honourable Jarosław Jaśnikowski of Poland. I recently came across his work while sifting through my usual sources for Steampunk material.

Mr. Jarosław Jaśnikowski is unique in his mixing of Steampunk with distinctly surrealist elements, reminiscent of Dali. It is less pronounced in his art in the gallery below, but if you check out his official website and (for those who, like me, are not that fluent in Polish) his Facebook age, you will soon see what I am talking about.

But enough talk, here is a very small teaser of Jarosław Jaśnikowski, please enjoy:

I guess your interest is kindled now, so check out:

The official website

The official Facebook Page