Book Feature: Shadows Against the Empire

I really wish I had a time machine, so I could add some hours every day to read all the books that make it to my inbox.
Case in point: Shadows Against the Empire by Ralph Vaughan

It is 1882, and a Pax Britannica dominates the Solar System. The dominance of Britain in trade, technology and space travel has brought prosperity to the inhabited planets and moon and prevents the other colonial powers of Earth from engaging in widespread and destructive warfare. In a dead city on Mars, however, an ancient evil stirs, calling to and taking over a Martian, who now becomes an agent seeking to facilitate the return of the Dark Gods, malevolent beings who once ruled an empire of blood and fear, but who were banished in a primal age to another dimension. Before chaos can again reign over the planets, Britain’s empire of steel and steam must be toppled. As the balance of power begins to shift, and hearts and minds are turned toward the worship of the Dark Gods, a small band of men and women rises to defy the darkness. From a dead Martian city to the steaming jungle of Venus to the most dangerous quarters of London and Constantinople, they will do whatever is necessary to prevent the fall of night eternal.


Vaughan - Shadows against the Empire


About the author:
Ralph E Vaughan is well known as an author of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, and actually wrote the first story ever that involved Holmes with HP Lovecraft (“The Adventure of the Ancient Gods”), first published in “The Holmesian Federation,” then later reprinted by Gryphon Books. His latest Holmes project was the well-received “Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories” (March, 2013, Dog in the Night Books). He is also known for the YA adventure series Paws & Claws, chronicling the exploits of the Three Dog Detective Agency; currently the series is represented by “Paws & Claws: A Three Dog Mystery” and “A Flight of Raptors,” but will soon be joined by “K-9 Blues.” He has also published “Reflections on Elder Egypt,” a collection of essays, and “HP Lovecraft in the Comics,” a scholarly treatise. Over the past fifty years, Mr Vaughan has published nearly 500 stories and articles in a variety of genres and on a number of subjects.


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