The Saga continues: Dirigible Days joins cast of video game Dreamland Delivery

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Dirigible Days joins cast of video game Dreamland Delivery

St. Louis, Missouri – August 19, 2013 – The award-winning steampunk media franchise Dirigible Days has become the latest entry to join the cast of the upcoming tablet game Dreamland Delivery and the Nightmare Knight. Created by Indianapolis-based Puca Studios, this imaginative, story driven platformer will also feature the title character from Story and Media LLC’s children’s book Clever Little Hermes.

In Dreamland Delivery, gamers begin as the youthful Aggie and Sammie, crossing into the strange dreams of others, and attempting to stop the nightmares corrupting this fantastic fantasy world. The video game will feature up to eight playable characters, each with unique abilities. Dirigible Days’ hero, Captain Santiago Dunbar, will be an unlockable character with the evil Cthulhu cultist Salazar Strega appearing as a mini-boss. Each character has been reimagined and illustrated to fit the whimsical aesthetic of Dreamland Delivery by Puca Studios’ art director Eva Dennis.

An independent video game development company, Puca Studios plans to run a Kickstarter campaign later this year to help fund the project. If successful, Dreamland Delivery will be created in its full and original scope, and several levels will be designed around the fantasy worlds of Clever Little Hermes and Dirigible Days. Both the Dirigible Days web series and comic book were funded through successful Kickstarters.

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“We want to ensure our players have an experience that suits their gaming style as they tackle the fantasy landscapes, traps, and enemies that await,” explains Puca Studios’ CEO Thomas Marshall on the development process. “Right now the team is working diligently on new features and we hope to have a vertical slice of the game complete sometime in November.”

Dreamland Delivery will be the first venture into video games for Dirigible Days, which began as a web series and short film with a comic book sequel debuting next summer. A breakout entry in the burgeoning steampunk sci-fi genre, the adventure takes place on an Earth 1000 years after disaster fractured the world creating floating “skylands” traversed by steam-powered dirigibles and airships.

“Putting my steampunk world into the video game realm is an exciting prospect,” says Dirigible Days creator James Bragado. “It seemed like the next logical move after the web series and comic. I have a feeling this won’t be the only video game collaboration between Puca Studios and myself. ”

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