Poison Garden – Italian Steampunk Metal

The ætherweb is such a great thing, its waves keep washing endless material to publish on the shores of the diverse sites I use to mingle with my fellow Steampunks, and it was thus I came across this band:

Poison Garden (official website)

Poison Garden

They are a young band, formed in 2012 and they have released their first single earlier this year, Days of Steam.

This is the video:

As a metal fan for over twenty years, this brings a smile to my face. Even better, on their website, Poison Garden state the following:

Fully convinced that wearing a brown corset and a top hat is not enough to play retro-futuristic music, Poison Garden aims at releasing Steampunk from the framework of role-playing games and comics fairs in order to introduce it in the everyday life of the rising century: a “street” Steampunk, a Neo Steampunk.

I am not too sure about the “Neo” since as far as I am concerned, Steampunk was never confined to role-playing games and comic fairs in the first place, but I fully support their desire to take Steampunk to the street.

So, I have subscribed to their Youtube channel and I am eagerly waiting for an EP or maybe even a full album to be released. Go check them out. They also have Facebook page with additional info and more photos.


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