Gail Carriger's Sci-Fi Audiobook Project

The esteemed lady Gail Carriger of Parasol Protectorate fame has another project in the making:


Gail Carriger, NYT bestselling author of the Parasol Protectorate, has teamed up with ArtisticWhispers Productions to produce a full-cast audiobook of her ‘lost’ SF novel Crudrat. Written just before her Parasol Protectorate books took off, Crudrat’s golden-age adventure pedigree shines through in its gutsy thirteen-year-old heroine. Maura risks her life everyday to clean the industrial waste from the tunnels winding through the power plants on her home station. But when she starts to grow too tall, her years of service earn her a ticket to oblivion–society with no use for untouchable children who survive too long. Hiding from the citizenry who’d rather see her die than haunt their city, she stumbles upon an imprisoned alien who promises to take her with him, if only she can spring him from jail and help him escape the only world she’s ever known…

This will be the fourth full-cast audiobook for producer/director J. Daniel Sawyer, a fourteen-year veteran of the world of corporate communications and independent film. Casting commenced a couple weeks ago, and already award-winning podcast voice actress Veronica Giguere and multiple award-winning podcaster Nathan Lowell have signed on. If funded, the production will be completed by December 2013.


So, please sidle over here and support this project! I am quite sure it will be worth it and I will do so, too!