Featured Artist: Operational Gearbox

During my trip to Barcelona, I made contact with a number of Spanish artists, some of whom I will feature here starting right now with hopefully some more in the future.

So let#s get started with Operational Gearbox

In their own words:

I’m an electronics technician by heart, raised by a family of teachers and anonymous artists. I have an insatiable curiosity for everything. I dabble in mechanics, robotics, investigative sewing, electronics, functional jewelry and anything susceptible of aesthetic enhancement.

My personality revolves around self criticism: always improve, never be satisfied, although on the rare occasions I manage to marvel myself, I try not to enjoy it for long, changing my point of view to see flaws I left behind. I have, however, learned the hard way that sometimes enough is enough. Because relationship between effort and quality grows exponentially, there is a point where adding quality requires too much time, and only a very few will notice the difference.

I have a very complete (but ever growing) workshop at home: Mill, Late, centenarian Sewing Machine, Laser cutter, 3D printer, medium vacuum pump, simple oscilloscope, regulable power supply and other bits of gear that allow me to build almost anything my mind desires.

As for future projects…so many have been left behind in this Eurosteamcon! Some that stick out on my sketchbook:

Hand fans:

Realistically looking-like-a-gear fan. (There is a badly done prototype, but it’s a bit embarrassing to show) Foldable one with a functional mechanism/clock on the front guardstick.

Body add ons:

Mechanical heart with trilobular gears. It actually turns around through a hidden liquid pump.


Miniature zeppelin structure in brass.

Functional armilar sphere that turns around while hanging in your ear.

And so many other things…I carry my sketchbook everywhere, along five different colour pens, just in case. ^^

And this is a showcase of Operational Gearbox’ work in several different stages, the finished clockwork-piece, I have actually seen in action in Barcelona: