This thing with Touchsquid

I can just about imagine what some of you are thinking. Here is little old me, a self-confessed Cthulhu cultist who is now blogging about something called Touchsquid. Well, leave your unholy thoughts to yourself, because this actually concerns tech.

The other day I was browsing the Google Play Store for Steampunk stuff and came across this app by Touchsquid, which turns your Android tablet and phone into a remote control for all of your remote controllable electronic devices at home. Very nifty in deed.

What is interesting about it is that it is activity based. The activity based approach simply means that you are able to use one button to turn on or off all devices connected to an activity. It also switches input states as needed. So the display actually changes depending on wether you are controlling your TV, DVD or stereo.

Even better, they offer this steampunked skin alternative as a free add-on:

Steampunk Skin by Touchsquid


Unfortunately, I cannot say anything more specific because my LG still runs on Android 2 and thus is too old for this app. Sometimes, Cthulhu is not on my side…

In any case, if you want to check the different versions of the app put, go to and if you get it, let me know if it works.