A note on Steampunk accessories

It just occurred to me, I have not done a fashion-related article in a while, so I thought I write a little something about the fashion accessory most popularly connected to the Steampunk scene: Goggles.

Personally, I have a most splendid source of hand-crafted goggles and to be more specific, steampunk monocles. My friend Mattia is a very talented tinkerer as you can see in this example of me wearing a monocle made by him during EuroSteamCon 2013 in Barcelona (also please note the very fashionable black Cthulhu-tie I am wearing):

Steampunk Monocle by Mattia Piccini

© Luis Valiño

Now, obviously not all Steampunks have a friend who creates steampunk goggles or monocles, but luckily, there are sites on the web which can help out.

There is a specialised venue, Steampunk Goggles. I actually found them by trying out the URL for a laugh, and they offer a huge selection of various goggles, monocles and eye-related accessories. Also, there are some very nifty lenses you can just clip unto your usual glasses to steampunk them, should the need arise.

If you have found nothing that suits your needs , I suggest you try two ætherweb giants, you know, the one which sounds like a river and the other one that sounds like an electric version of a specific coastline feature. The ætherweb is vast, you should be able to find something…

On fashion in general, this one is more for the ladies and I think I have mentioned this before: The most talented Kato has a lovely site Steampunk Courture, you should check out for attire for the discerning Steampunk lady.

And in completely unrelated news:


Happy Halloween everybody, the image below is taken from today’s splendid Google Doodle:

Halloween 2013 Google Doodle