Richard Nagy a.k.a. Datamancer has passed into the Æther

The honourable genius inventor and tinkerer Richard Nagy, better known as Datamancer, has passed on. From what I know he was killed in a car accident last week. Richard was part of the bedrock of our scene, and although relatively few of us knew his face, I guess most of us have seen at least one of his creations. Images of his iconic laptop has been spread far and wide on the ætherweb and has become a symbol for Steampunk in and of itself:

Datamancer Laptop

I want to finish with the words of Evelyn Kriete, who was a close friend of Richard and who had this to say in her obituary for him:

What I want you to do is this: instead of leaving thousands of “I’m sorry” comments to this, I want you to do something productive. Something that will actually make a dent in the universe. Richard’s death is not fair. He spent years and thousands of hours on his art and for all that work he never got his due. He was never properly rewarded for his hard work, his talent, and his incredible creativity. So I want you to make certain he and his art are not forgotten. I want you to go like his Facebook fan page . Yes, it probably will not get any more updates, but at least you doing that will help spread him and his art around. If you ever wanted one of his keyboards, go and bid on one of the last auctions of his work still going on With a sudden death like this, every penny helps the family. I want you to try to make certain he and his art are not forgotten as that’s the only thing we can do now. An artist’s art are how they can stay immortal and the only way that can happen is we the living keep posting and perpetuating to others the knowledge of their talent and art. So do not let the world forget about Richard Nagy and his amazing sculptures. That is how you take back and preserve a little of what death has had stolen.

Also, if you have an artist, an author, or another kind of creative that you love, buy their stuff in the moment. Let them know you like their stuff,. Promote them. If something happens and they’re gone, they will never know you liked their art and that is one of the greatest crimes of the universe. Don’t let the world forget about Richard and his art. Never let the world forget about an artist. I’m not going to let you forget about him so do him the favor and pass that along his hard work and talent should have been rewarded more while he was with us. Do not let it fade away and be forgotten now that he has been taken from the world.

Let’s keep the memory of Richard Nagy alive!



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