Sol Katmandu Park & Resort – Steampunk on Mallorca

I know this blog post sounds like something of an advert, it actually is not, I simply want to point your attention to a rather unusual Steampunk location: A resort hotel and amusement park on Mallorca, Club Katmandu.

I have been in touch with a few people working there for a while now, because they want to host a dedicated Steampunk event in 2014 and possibly participate in EuroSteamCon 2014, but let’s see where it all leads. In any case, the hotel is Steampunk themed, and the staff is dressed the part:

I have also had the great pleasure of meeting one of the staff at EuroSteamCon 2013 in Barcelona.
Now, what can we expect, if and when the plan of hosting a Steampunk event there comes to fruition?

  • Loads of fun
  • A great place to have this fun in
  • According to the management, the hotel will be refurbished with Steampunk elements.

To quote from the original æthermail I received:

– Hotel is going to be 100% refurbish on 2014 with Steampunk decorative elements in the rooms.

It could well be the Steampunk used by Katmandu is a bit on the “glue some gears on it” side, but this should not spoil the fun at all, I think. To turn up our noses at enthusiasts and style-adopters who come from the mainstream and not from a related subculture (i.e. Gothic, Metal, Cosplay, LARP, Lolita etc.) would be elitist and elitism leads to the slow death of a subculture. And: Sol Katmandu Park could well be an excellent conduit to get more people interested in Steampunk.

So, let us see where the project with Sol Katmandu Park & Resort leads. In any case, the hotel is good for a family holiday and this is something which makes it very attractive for me.