Rest in Peace, Mikhail Kalashnikov

It is with some degree of sadness, I report the passing of Mikhail Kalshnikov, possibly the most successful small-arms designer of all time.

He is of course best known for being the inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle, a very Dieselpunk weapon, being so iconic for the military might of Stalin’s USSR.

Had history been different, maybe we would know him today as great designer of tractors or sporting rifles.

Although he developed a passion for weapons well before the Great Patriotic War started, he did not aspire to be an arms-designer. He was actually a tank-commander early in the war and his idea for what would eventually become the AK-47 developed out of him overhearing soldiers complaining about the poor quality of Soviet rifles while he was recovering after being wounded in action.

So today we honour and remember Mikhail Kalashnikov, who served his country as best he could with the talents he had. Rest in Peace.