Grumbleputty – Steampunk Artifacts and Lovecraftian Art

Once again it is time for a “this came in through the ætherbox” feature.
Just last week, the gentleman and artist by the name of Grumbleputty sent me a message inquiring if his recent forray into the world of Steampunk could be featured on my blog. He also recommended an etsy shop to me which I will post more about on a later date.
After checking out his gallery on DeviantArt, I was absolutely delighted to find far more than I had hoped for. Grumblebputty is not only a gifted Steampunk artificer, but also an artist in the realm of the Cthulhu Mythos!
These are just two examples to illustrate the point:

Dread Impellor by Grumbleputty

Dread Impellor of Purloined Dentition

Moon Beast by Grumbleputty

Moon Beast

Check out his gallery on DeviantArt for more! It is well worth your time, there are also some old friends from my AD&D (2nd Edition) days to be found there. Just see for yourselves.