Bleu Rose Design Steampunk Flasks

One of the most frequent requests I get via æthermail are requests for posting something about this or that shop on Etsy. I usually do not do that. I am one of those cynical bastards who think “Is this driftwood or should I sell it on Etsy”. I guess some of you know what I mean. So I set the bar for Etsy features really high. However, every now and then a shop comes a long which meets the standards and Bleu Rose Design is one such shop.

The number of items in the shop is fairly limited (32 at the time of me posting this) but: Steampunk Hip Flasks! Every Steampunk gentleman should have one and this is actually what carried the shop over the finish line and get this feature.
Check it out:


For the full collection, go here: Bleu Rose Design