Steampunk Alchemist – An Italian Webseries

The Steampunk webserieses in Europe are blooming at the moment. After Aether Affairs (see below) here comes another one: Steampunk Alchemist from Italy.

Steampunk Alchemist

The webseries has been around for some time already and features several short episodes (somewhere between ten and two minutes each). Interestingly, it is done in a pseudo-early-motuion-picture-style, i.e. somewhat hasty motion and plates with descriptions and dialoge but all in HD colour. It is quirky, it is Steampunk and from what I gather, it is done by only two people, Sky Lady and Professor Alchemist! But take a look yourselves:

You can also find them on Facebook and they of course have their own Youtube channel.

Photo credits: Giovanni Spitale Photography also check out this gallery.