May I point your attention to: Basque Steampunk

The website of the Basque Steampunk Community / Steampunk Euskadi is still brand new, so there is not much to see there, yet, but I want to give it some love and exposure already.
Several reasons: The little anthropologist in me loves the Basque country for the language (an isolate) and for the history of the people. The Steampunk in me loves the website, because it is yet another example how wide-spread the phenomenon is by now and you really find it everywhere.
I wonder when we meet the first Mongolian Steampunk, who knows…
So, please pay Basque Steampunk a visit by clicking the banner and also give their Facebook Page some love!

Basque Steampunk

Mantentzeko lan ona! (I hope this makes sense, I used Google Translate, it should mean: “Keep up the good work!”)