Steampunk Hands around the World – Half way +2

This post is unfortunately two days late, but you know, there is this pesky thing called “Real Life”, you have probably heard of it. Anyway, Steampunk Hands around the World is now half way through and just to give a quick comparison of what was initially planned and what has actually happened.



Number of Participants:

The Airship Ambassador had initially estimated to get 60 – 80 active participants. As of now, there are 769 (!) confirmed participants on the Facebook event page and 94 members in the planning group alone!

Number of posts:

Similarly, 1-2 posts a day were initially planned but (if I have not miscounted) there are 67 up already on the official list, and the ones written today are not even on the there, yet.


Additionally, there are several hundred tweets, re-tweets and favorites on Twitter and new people keep joining up. So without any doubt, Steampunk Hands around the World is already tremendous success, and more good things are to come!


And as a friend of mine said:

Now i know, why it is “Steampunk Hands AROUND THE WORLD”: After 14 days, i had visitors from 23 countrys and four continents …

There is little to add to that one, I guess.

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