The Adventures of Felix Blithedale

Another of those excellent things that came in through the ætherbox: The adventures of Felix Blithedale, a brand-new steampunkish and highly entertaining webseries.

Hopeful inventor, Felix Blithedale records his misadventures from his basement lab in San Francisco Circa 1903

Felix Blithedale is the inventor of the Mata-phono-cine-gramma-graph. and other… things… yet to be determined. This quirky series chronicles the self made recordings of an aspiring inventor as he searches for a great discovery that will change history and impress the girl of his dreams.

While fending off the distractions of his family, his friends and his employer; Felix races to invent something that will put his name in the history books. And maybe get him noticed by the beautiful Jane Haddington at the same time

Now please enjoy episode one:

Apart from Youtube, you can find Mr. Blithedale on Facebook and on his very own web estate.