The final day of Steampunk Hands around the World #steampunkhands

So this is it, sadly. Today is the last day of Kevin Steil’s initiative Steampunk Hands around the World; and as we have seen during the month, it has been a tremendous success.

I do not want to talk about the statistics, I have mentioned them before, the numbers of links and the participants at the Facebook event have only grown but you can check the links yourself in the related articles below. Instead, I want to give you my take on the set goals, the ones that have been achieved and the future.

In the original mission statement Kevin Steil said:

There are new friendships to be found in every conversation and event. “Hands” is presented in multiple formats from blogs to videos to live events. Each person is responsible for organizing their own content and format, but the central theme is that of global connection and friendship.


This worked better than he or any of us could have hoped for. Everybody in the planning group met new people and so did everybody who shared things on the Event Page and elsewhere. What is more, there were collaborations(mostly through interviews and exchange of art) between people who had never met before and now there are already spin-offs in the works. Sorry, I cannot tell you more since the plans are still vague and no one knows where they are going but Steampunk Hands around the World has taken on a life of its own. So many great contributions, so many great collaborations and hopefully a repetition next year, and until then, we will be able to see what became of the spin-offs.

What remains is to thank everybody who participated, put some work in, shared, spread the word, the love and the steam and who lend a hand.

To all of you: May there always be steam in your boiler, diesel in your engines and inspiration in your minds!


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