Review: Steampunk Style

The stream of books about the look and feel of Steampunk continues: Steampunk Style is the latest of this kind that has found its way into my humble abode and it is something special: It is from Japan, to be exact, the first genuine Japanese example of Steampunk (other than music) I have held in my hands.

Steampunk Style serves a double purpose: It displays the magnificent art and it gives instructions to build some of the works of art, decorations and equipment yourself.

The displayed art is just magnificent and, being from Japan, you are unlikely you have seen it before. For some reason, I have not seen it on any blog or website in the English, French, german or Spanish speaking Steampunk internet world. I have included some snapshots below, and it is only a fragment of the wonderful contraptions presented in Steampunk style:



Just because of the art and the unlikeness of the average western reader having come across any of it, this book is a must have, especially when you consider the really modest price tag for something as visually impressive as Steampunk Style. The distinct Japanese flavour is also something you should not miss out on.

It is the DIY section which constitutes the second part of the book which leaves something to be desired, though. While a great range of different items (including the magnificent Steampunk body armor) are listed there and the instructions are a step-by-step guide, the guides are not very detailed. You get each step as a picture of what it should look like, but not much is being said on how to get there. Some experimenting on your part is required (with potentially devastating results for the project).

Still, Steampunk Style is an absolutely visually stunning book and highly recommended reading!

8 out of 10 Zeppelins


Steampunk Style