"Sparks" – An upcoming noir superhero movie

Now this is one superhero movie that looks really interesting:

Just watch the trailer and see for yourselves:

The city faces a deadly kil­ler. He goes by many na­mes, has many faces… all of them deadly. Is he Ke­vin Sher­wood? Is he Ring Mas­ter Je­sus. Is he The Matanza Kil­ler? Ian Sparks will learn. Fight­ing crime be­came a mis­sion for Sparks when he lost his par­ents in a fire­b­all car crash. Burning with de­sire for re­venge, he finds him­self in the belly of the be­ast, where ha­voc is wrea­ked for pro­fit and life is cheap. Joi­ning a hand­ful of su­per he­roes ope­ra­ting in the shadows, what they have in com­mon is grea­ter than Sparks can ima­gine; but the cost of fin­ding the kil­ler and un­co­ve­r­ing the truth may be more than he can afford.


Sparks will be released on DVD rather soon (in the US), that is. To be exact: Next week, March 18th. The rest of the world will have to wait or order in the US.

And hat-tip to Stefan, for bringing it to my attention.