Review: Escape the Clouds – Moments EP

The fifth longplayer by Escape the Clouds, and this one is a little bit different; it is purely instrumental and it is also regrettably short, only six tracks all in all.

Front cover of Moments EP by Escape the Clouds

The content of the EP can be described rather adequately by one sentence: The joy of air travel distilled into music. I am aware that Mark Rossmore (the songwriter and producer behind Escape the Clouds) is an aviation enthusiast and he has managed to put his enthusiasm into this EP. The enthusiasm is contagious. The tracks on Moments invoke images of flying in some majestic, possibly piston-engined, plane. Fact is, I had quite an epiphany while listening to Moments on the way home. Sadly, I was only on a shuttle train and not on a plane, but:
The countryside here is rather flat and there is a stretch of fields which the train crosses. It so happened we crossed this stretch right when the sun went down behind the horizon, so I got a view of an orangy evening sky and an illuminated horizon. This image, combined with House of the Sun in my ear was enough to send a shiver down my back and made me wish to sit in the pilot’s seat of a Curtiss P-40.

So, Escape the Clouds has again delivered an excellent (semi-)longplayer. Music to dream to and perfect to listen to on a plane, or simply for dreaming about flying one.


9 out of 10 Zeppelins (I only got into one of the tracks after the third or fourth time I listened to it)


And here are two official videos which also capture very nicely what i was talking about: