Urban Haiku – Poetry for the Metroplex

Yesterday, I put my haiku collection Urban Haiku – Poetry for the Metroplex up on Amazon and for all of you who really dislike Amazon for some reason, it is also available for Nook. I feel a teeny tiny bit accomplished now, I never thought I would one day actually publish a book containing poetry, but such are the wonders of the modern age and the technology that enables really easy self-publishing.

Also, I simply enjoy writing haiku and they just add up over time. So, if you like haiku or simply enjoy poetry with a rather modern perspective (the collection covers city life, cyberspace, geek stuff and elements of H.P. Lovecraft’s work, after all, even strings and the Higgs boson are featured) or you simply want to sponsor dinner at a restaurant (that#s about what I expect to come out), please consider the collection.

It also makes a great gift for people you want to freak out, I guess.

And here (again) is the Nook version (a shame there is no fancy preview available).