Help Victor Sierra make it to the Steampunk World Fair

Victor Sierra needs your help!

Help us bring our act to the States!

In 2012 we saw the very best of welcomes for us at The Steampunk World’s Fair. The enthusiasm with which we were greeted led us to a fantastical acceleration of creativity.

  • We didn’t plan to release a second album (Yesterday’s Tomorrow) so soon – but we did.
  • We didn’t expect to perform with Abney Park in the Netherlands – but by fortuitous circumstance we did.
  • We didn’t think we could contact anyone anywhere in the world and get an answer like: ‘Oh.. Victor Sierra? Of course I know about you guys!’ – but we did.

All of this thanks to you dear Steampunk community and Jeff Mach and his extraordinary crew. Now we have been asked to return and we have a new repertoire of the very finest melodies for your discerning ears.

Please help us achieve our dream.  From the bottom of our brass hearts…thank you.

Please check out the fundraiser here, the benefits are classy, just as usual!