Steampunk Odin – Why is there an affinity for Norse Gods and Steampunk?

First, the picture:

Odin's Final Battle

This is, according to the artist 3dsquid, a Steampunk version of Odin, he is from the Philippines, so I will not scold him for missing a crucial ocular detail here…

Now, there seems to be a certain tendency to steampunk-up Norse gods, I have previously (in 2009, oh my gods…) posted an image of Steampunk Thor on this  blog and now I noticed something:

When you search for steampunk Thor/Odin/Loki, you find a couple of at least half-usable images, but try the same with the Greek or Roman pantheon and things are far less easy. I speculate this is partly due to recent movie releases but also because of Viking-derived and general awesome regarding the Aesir. I admit, I am not unbiased in this matter.

What ever the reason may be, I think it is highly interesting that there is much more overlap between Steampunk and the Norse Pantheon than for any other, at least as far as I could find out in the amount of time available.

If any of you knows a decent example of another Steampunk version of a deity, let me know, please

Image Credit: 3dsquid

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