Steampunk Business Trip to Vienna

The last two days I have been in Vienna on business as a Steampunk. No, it did not involve planning a convention or some other Steampunk-related event, I was actually giving a talk at a conference, the Imagine14.

Imagine14 Conference Logo

Granted, my presentation was part of the fun section in the evening, but at least, I had the audience interested, and was even approached afterwards because people wanted to check out the gadgets I brought along. My sincere thanks to Admiral Ravensdale and Titus Timeless for generously providing me with some gadgets to take along and present, I am a blogger, not a tinkerer so I have no inventions I made myself.

To be honest, I was surprised how well the presentation was received and that I got responses from the audience. It had been a very long day up to then (the conference had started ten hours before I came on, my presentation was the final part of the program) and the two people before me had been largely ignored by the crowd. So, all in all I was happy with the results, the official photographer is interested in doing a shoot with the Vienna Steampunks and I really enjoyed my experience at Imagine14.

I was also, well…, accosted by a rather pushy and annoying marketing guy who wanted to know where he could purchase a Steampunk laptop, because something like a Steampunk laptop in a showroom of a car salesman or something would definitely be great marketing and a USP for the company. He also did not really get it when two of the Vienna Steampunks who had come along with me, tried to explain such behaviour would be not really in line with the Steampunk spirit. I.e. the mods are not made so we can sell something!

As a follow up to this entry, I will also post one or the other official photos from when I held my presentation. But now for the other thing:

Before the conference, I had a whole day in Vienna to enjoy. I met up with some friends, one of them also one of my oldest friends, and I did some sightseeing, so here are some impressions (just a few) from Vienna:





And as a final note: If you are in Vienna and want to stay in the city centre, I can wholeheartedly recommend Hotel Wandl. Great service, friendly staff, and the best breakfast buffet in this quadrant of the Galaxy!