Reet Neet – Clockwork and Steampunk Custom Toys

Today’s featured artist is from The Netherlands: Reet Neet.

A few days ago, this message came into my ætherbox:

Today I wanted to introduce to you my latest designer toy custom.

His name is Professor Archimedes and is based on a 3.5″ Omen Blink by Coarse Toys.

More info & pics are found here:

This piece is available and people interested can contact me through e-mail (reetneetr3(a) or my Facebook page:

Instagram: @Reetneet Twitter: @Reet_Neet

This is the Professor:
Professor Archimedes - Clockwork Owl

I also sidled over to the Facebook page and checked out the other creations Reet Neet has to offer, which led to the discovery of this sweet and beautiful little statuette:



Reet Neet has a varied and surprising range of different statuettes featured on Facebook, not only Steampunk and Clockpunk, but other things as well, as you can see. So I strongly suggest you pay them a visit!