TRIP TO THE MOON – A Short Steampunk Film

Here is another project worth your consideration:

Trip to the Moon, a short film in the spirit of the timeless classic Le Voyage dans la Lune. The gentleman and cinematographer Brian M. Finn has this to say about his project:


Trip to the Moon is an action based sci-fi short film that mixes the charm of the original 1902 film and expands it with a more engaging spin on the story with  modern and futuristic technology. Set in an alternate steampunk (Earth) and cyberpunk (Moon) reality, Abraham Lincoln is a televised President who is announcing his trip to the moon to the American people as an historic event for mankind. But is Honest Abe really being honest about his purposes for going there? Will the protestors, including John Wilkes Booth, succeed in their attempts to intervene?

In our story, John Wilkes Booth blames Lincoln for trying to ruin his life by freeing his slaves and interrupting his way of life. Additionally, Booth now sees the further threat of bringing alien life to Earth. Trip to the Moon stays true to the race based fear of the “time period” while adding additional plotlines to the confrontations of John Wilkes Boothe and Abraham Lincoln.


While Lincoln and his associates are on the Moon, things go horribly wrong when the palace of Ruler Zahn, the King of the Moon, is destroyed. He then seeks revenge upon Earth and flies there to kill anyone he can releasing what’s left of his guardians upon the city. Lincoln and his friends must now lead the U.S. armed forces to stop the threat.

Quite a tale and true to the spirit of adventure, alternate history and (weird) science that is at the heart of Steampunk.

Also, Brian has some more details on the film and the project as a whole:

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