Munchkin Steampunk is coming!

Quick news update: The beloved Munchkin line of Games by Steve Jackson Games is getting another member: Munchkin Steampunk. For me, this is an absolute must-have, I have been playing the game for years and am especially proud of my Munchkin Cthulhu set. Iäh!

Anyways, this is the cover:

Munchkin Steampunk

I guess one or the other of you will recognise Phil Phoglio, if you are not sure from where, go to his website and ebe enlightened.


Munchkin Czar Andrew Hackard has this to say about the game, which says it all, really:

“We really like clockwork spider automatons, I mean, who doesn’t? And they make killing monsters and taking their stuff even better!”


The game is scheduled for release in mid-2015, for more news, go here:


Photo Credit: Steve Jackson Games, fair use