Love is a Grave – A Victorian Gothic Short Film

A few days ago, I was contacted via the Facebook page and a short movie was pointed out to me:

Love is a Grave

Love is a Grave – a short film by Tim Stevens from Tim Stevens on Vimeo.

Tim Stevens has this to say about his short subject:

Love is a Grave was the first film I made out of film school and the first production by what became my film indie studio, Title Pending Productions. The film was a collaboration between myself and the co-founder of the studio, John Francis McCullagh. John actually plays the role of Eric in the film. The actress is Michelle Harvey (most recently starring in the TV show Salem). The soundtrack is an original score by the steampunk artist Darwin Prophet from Darwin Prophet and Chronus Mirror.

Gothic horror has been my first love since deciding that I wanted to be a director. Films like Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Calegari were huge influences on my visual and creative style. Love is a Grave explores the relationship between love and death, something we all must inevitably deal with. It begs the question, do you let the death of a love one stop you in your tracks or do you find someway to move on. The structure of the film is purposefully ambiguous. What happens to Eric in the end? What was real and what was a dream? Was any of it real? Each viewer might draw their own conclusions based on their perspectives of life, death, and afterlife.

The film was shot in and around Dallas, TX. Currently, we have a screening scheduled for Sept 13th at 1pm as part of the convention Steampunk Invasion in Dallas, TX. Below are some link you might find helpful.

Our website:



I can only echo Tim’s words: The film leaves you wondering, what really happened, after all, a bottle of absinth was involved at the beginning.

Was it all a delirious fantasy? Did the Green Fairy actually open the door to another realm? What I also find interesting is this: The guitar playing in the background sounds a little bit like the background tune of Diabl0. Is this a hint? Was Eric transported into his personal hell?

So many facets in such a short movie. Great work in deed, especially since it was most likely poduced on a zero budget.