Excellent Dieselpunk Comic – RumRow

Another thing that came in through the ætherbox, and what an exciting thing it is:
A comic, soon to be available in print, that no Dieselpunk worth their weight in fuel should miss.
Set in an alternate version of our 1930s, it features wonderfully weird and Art-Deco-esque airships and fighter planes, dashing protagonists of both genders, action, suspense and bootleg liquor.

I was just about to say “Speakeasy of the Skies” because of the alliteration, but this would have been inaccurate.

The Kickstarter campaign for the funding of the print edition is still going on, check it out. The project is already fully funded, but maybe you just want to help reach a stretchgoal or get your hands on a reward.

I will post a full review at a later date and now, please check out what the gentleman and artist Andrew Maxwell, mastermind behind RumRow has to say: