Steampunk High Style – Jewelry

I think it has been years since I last posted something about jewelry, so I was pleasantly surprised to have my attention pointed to Charles Koll ( who offers a range of custom high-end jewelry, some with a distinct Steampunk twist to it.

Two of his creations stand out, first, the Cipher:


The Cipher:

The Cipher Iris an exploration of mechanisms that can tolerate the human hand.  Open up a mechanical watch and start playing with the guts and you’ll quickly see the inspiration —  This “Iris” mechanism is a modified version of a classic Steampunk theme (clockwork) commissioned by a longtime Charles Koll client.  The Cipher combines a classic Iris design, with an internal rotary mechanism, rare earth magnets and a decoder ring.  While not a living creature, the little details are all steampunk.

And then, less Steampunk but with a cult factor of its own, there is the Hunterseeker (and if you wonder, what a hunterseeker, I googled that for you here).


The Hunterseeker:

Inspired by Dune, the Hunterseeker mixes the descriptions of characters in the book with the style of the big-screen adaptation.  The ‘machine’ is designed to look like it actually functions.  Inspiration came from a client who wanted a ‘jizai’ (Japanese art form showing mechanical representations of living creatures) feel.

I am particularly fond of the hunterseeker and would love to tell you, what the piece costs, alas, it is not yet in the official range of the website, but I will keep you posted!

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